Frequently asked questions


What is public domain photography?

It is a great place to find and share pictures that do not have any copyrights. These images are uploaded and available for public use under the PDP licence that equates to Creative Commons CCO.


Can these images be used without any permissions?

The images on Public Domain Photography are available to use, copy, modify and distribute without any credits to the photographer or any sort of permissions.


However it’s important to note that the contributors of the site while accountable for their own images give no advice or opinion implied of otherwise on who the end user utilizes the image.  Also the available images might still be trademarked, publicity or privacy rights protected.


Who is responsible for the uploaded pictures?

It is the image providers whom are responsible for the pictures uploaded and not the website.


Why do I see images from 3rd party providers?

These are used as a means to finance the website and to provide the users with numerous options of professionally clicked photographs. The website also accepts donations to smoothly run its operations.


How to avoid inappropriate or adult content?

Public Domain Photography will clearly mark any images that could be offensive.


Can I use image URL’s on external site?

No, this is not possible. You have to upload the pictures directly to your website to use them there.


Why was my image rejected?

Remember, all the images have to follow certain quality guidelines to be successfully uploaded to our website.


Additionally, you might also face a difficulty uploading pictures if the chosen tags do not sufficiently describe the image.


What are the available options to make a donation?

To support an artist, you can only make donations through PayPal.


But to support Public Domain Photography, via paypal or contact use for further details, all donations are welcome and needed to continue to offer amazing service.


Does Public Domain photography have an API?

Not at this time.


Is there an option to delete the account?

Yes, this can be done from the settings tab.