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Need pictures that are usable for news content?

It could be for any type of news medium. You might need images for a news website, or a magazine.

You’ll find all you need in this category. Here, you’ll get photos that speak to the information consumption trends of editorial readers.

For example…

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People in the central street
military parade
military parade
Gay Pride flag
Australian Marriage Equality Vote
National Flag of Zimbabwe Round
National Flag of Zimbabwe Rectangular
National Flag of Zambia Wave
National Flag of Zambia Round
National Flag of Zambia Rectangular
National Flag of Yemen Wave
National Flag of Yemen Round
National Flag of Yemen Rectangular
National Flag of Wales Wave
National Flag of Wales Round
National Flag of Wales Rectangular
National Flag of Vietnam Wave
National Flag of Vietnam Round
National Flag of Vietnam Rectangular
National Flag of Venezuela Wave
National Flag of Venezuela Round
National Flag of Venezuela Rectangular
National Flag of Vanuatu Wave
National Flag of Vanuatu Round
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Political Photos.

The photos here are suitable for politics discussions. They’re excellent images to represent anything from a political meeting, to a politician.

Many editorials focus on political updates. And you might be creating content for such editorials!

If you are, sift through the illustrations and photographs here, and pick what suits your piece.

Social Movements.

Similar to politics, this subcategory focuses on cultures and ideologies.

Again, you’ll get the culture photos you need in the editorial category, where other categories don’t represent such topics.

Free Photos – No Copyright Problems.

This category provides public domain stock photos. You’ll get a database of diverse editorial images, suitable for budget use.

But speaking of budgets, images here are free. So you can enjoy running an editorial news medium at low cost!

Also, you get photos, pictures, and royalty free images. This means you won’t have to worry about copyright claims for the images you use.