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Comoros Flag Free Stock Photos

Free magnificient any use image of the Comoros flag, The national flag of the Union of the Comoros was designed in 2001 and officially adopted on January 7, 2002. It consists of a white crescent with four white five-pointed stars inside of a green triangle. The flag has four stripes, representing four islands of the nation. We have a huge collection of Cosmoros flags available for download you can get exactly what you need with our unique flag collection.

No attribution image of Comoros flag with three fingers and a hand
The national Flag of Comoros on Flag as Background
The national Flag of Comoros on White Background.
Hand print make of ink with flag of the Comoros blended
Spectacular fireworks making the flag of Comoros
No attribution image of Comoros flag with four fingers and a hand
Cracked Flag of Comoros blended with bark of tree
National Flag of Comoros Wave
Image of Soccer ball in the National colors of Comoros
Flag of Comoros printed onto a male T shirt with graffiti in the background

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The free collection of Cosmoros flag has huge variety of choice and can be downloaded immediately. yellow is for Mohéli, white is for Mayotte (claimed by Comoros but administered by France), red is for Anjouan, and blue is for Grande Comore. The four stars on the flag also symbolize the four islands of the Comoros. The star and crescent symbol stands for Islam, which is the nation's major religion. Some examples of the Cosmoros flags that can be found on the site are Hand making victory sign, comoros painted with flag as symbol of victory, resistance, fight, power, protest, success and Human face painted with flag of Comoros.