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Cuba Flag Free Stock Photos

Free outstanding any use image of the Cuba flag, The national flag of Cuba consists of five alternating stripes (three blue and two white) and a red equilateral triangle at the hoist, within which is a white five-pointed star. It was designed in 1849 and officially adopted May 20, 1902. We have a huge collection of Cuba flags available for download you can get exactly what you need with our unique flag collection.

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The national Flag of Cuba on White Background.
The national Flag of Cuba on Flag as Background
National Flag of Cuba Wave
National Flag of Cuba Round
National Flag of Cuba Rectangular
Hand with OK sign blended with the national flag of Cuba
National Flag Cuba on Brick Wall
Peace Symbol with National Flag of Cuba
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The free collection of Cuba flag has huge variety of choice and can be downloaded immediately. The three blue stripes represent the three departments in which Cuba was divided at that time, the white purity of ideals, the light; the red triangle, originating from the French Revolution – and the three ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity: red for the blood and the courage; the star was the new state that should be added to the United States. Some examples of the Cuba flags that can be found on the site are cuba ribbon flag on bue sky background and Flag of Cuba, brush stroke background.