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Free Images of El Salvador | Public Domain Photography

If a country is bigger in size, it is always better for the tourists. With more land, the opportunity to travel increases greatly. But, this does not mean smaller countries are any less than the larger ones. They have the equal potential to offer a rich and colourful tourism to travellers. One such country is El Salvador, located in the western part of Central America. El Salvador used to be a colony of Spain in the past which was mostly inhabited by the ancient Mesoamerican people such as Mayas during the medieval and ancient times.

Other than its rich culture and heritage, El Salvador is home to several forms of natural beauties like sea coast, lakes, volcanic terrain, volcano, and so on. Tourists having several kinds of tastes in tourism will absolutely fall in love with this tiny nation.

Phoenix mythical creature  with the Flag of El Salvador rising from the ashes
Image of flag of El Salvador blended with the human eyes.
Free stock photo of a red rubber stamp of San Salvador on a white background.
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of El Salvador
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of El Salvador
El Salvador on a old school LED green LCD display with a digital display
Footprints with the flag of El Salvador unique markings
Scary looking human skull with the flag of El Salvador tattoo to the bone
Image of the flag of El Salvador blended with a human eye
BaseBall with the flag of El Salvador aged effect

The ruins of Joya de Ceren is one of the popular attractions in the country, offering a sight of bases of big structures and residences that were destroyed by a local volcano. For people looking for an urban taste of the country, San Salvador is the ultimate place to visit.

With so many things to see and witness, El Salvador is a hidden paradise for travellers. Take a glimpse of what this nation has to offer through the royalty free stock photos present at our website. You are free to use these for whichever purpose that suits you best. Get public domain video clips at our forum as well to truly witness the beauty of El Salvador through the lens.