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Fiji is popular for its heavenly tropical islands and friendly people, making it an exemplary South Pacific paradise. With over 300 islands in the country, there are numerous tropical attractions where tourists have plenty of fun things to do.


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The national Flag of Fiji Black Background.
The national Flag of Fiji White Background.
The national Flag of Fiji on Flag as Background
The national Flag of Fiji White Background.
National Flag of Fiji Wave
National Flag of Fiji Round
National Flag of Fiji Rectangular
Hand with OK sign blended with the national flag of Fiji
Road sign Mt Fuji
National Flag Fiji on Brick Wall
Peace Symbol with National Flag of Fiji
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Fiji offers so much to its tourists in the form of natural beauty. People get awestruck by the sand dunes and prehistoric archaeological sites. The therapeutic hot springs and mud pools are major tourist attractions in the country. For sea lovers, Fiji is an ultimate vacation site. You can dive with the sharks or raft through the pristine rainforests. The outer islands also have several attractions to offer that absolutely cannot be missed.

The Mamanuca Islands, categorized as one of the top surf breaks in the world, is home to mystical caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will also get to witness the fourth largest barrier reef in the world at Fiji. As Fijians welcome children wholeheartedly, it is a great place to go on a vacation with your family. Starting from the Blue Lagoon Cruise to Cloudbreak, Fiji is going to leave you enchanted.

All of these combined make Fiji the ultimate place for a vacation. You can witness it by yourself by going through the public domain images present at our website. We have a wide variety of images that cover all the main attractions of Fiji. Other than that, you will also find free public domain videos at our portal. You can download them for free from our website to use it for any purpose.