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Free Images of Guatemala | Public Domain Photography

Guatemala is one of the rare places that offers a great travel journey to adventure seekers, beach worshippers, culture seekers, and visitors who are in search for relaxation. Guatemala is the ultimate cultural spotlight in Central America, being home to several exotic colonial architecture. To experience the unique culture of the country, people make a point to visit the small towns present near the shores of Lake Atitlan. For nature lovers, Guatemala is an absolute paradise. People get to witness pristine beaches, coral reefs, cloud forests, mountain lakes, active volcanoes, and tropical jungles in this beautiful country.


No attribution image of Guatemala flag with three fingers and a hand
National Flag of Guatemala With a thumbs up
Guatemala on a old school LED green LCD display with a digital display
Terrifyingly scary clown horror face with the flag of Guatemala painted on
Mystical smoke with the flag of Guatemala projected onto the waving smoke
Cricket Ball with the flag of Guatemala aged effect
Cracked Flag of Guatemala blended with bark of tree
Guatemala flag painted onto human hands with flag backdrop
Hand with OK sign blended with the national flag of Guatemala
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of Guatemala

Visitors who love relaxing near the beach will love the coasts. Some also choose to venture out in the busy streets to buy souvenirs. The country is home to several fishing villages that allow people to witness the exotic nature of the country. The country is filled with markets that open up on certain days in the week to sell goods, particularly textiles.

For history buffs, the Mayan Ruins of Tikal is a great place to visit. It is one of Central America’s greatest archaeological sites. The ruined city goes back to the 600 BC and 900 AD, showcasing thousands of structures like temples and pyramids.

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