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Italy is considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance and Roman Empire. Therefore, it is not surprising that this country will be filled with masterpieces of architecture and art. This nation is also home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites that cannot be found in any other country. But, the top attractions of Italy does not include architecture and art.


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Cracked Flag of Italy blended with bark of tree
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of Italy
Spectacular fireworks making the flag of Italy
Waving cloth of flag of Italy with silk texture
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of Italy
Hand print make of ink with the flag of Italy blended
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Italy is blessed with mountains, lakes, and a very dramatic coastline that is known for having several natural attractions. Visitors tend to stay in the country for at least a few days to truly witness what Italy has to offer.

The Venice Canals are one of the wonderful places a visitor can be. Taking a gondola ride through these canals have been considered enjoyable since centuries. The Grand Canal is known to be the most famous amongst all and is also a popular photography site for visitors. The city of Pisa has so many attractions to offer, apart from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

For nature lovers, Lake Como is truly a blissful place to visit. The view is lined by mountains and small picturesque towns. Its mild climate ideal for drawing tourists has similar characteristics with the Mediterranean.

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