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Free Images of Jamaica | Public Domain Photography

Jamaica is considered to be the “birthplace of reggae” because of its natural jewels and colorful Africa vibe. Some of the attractions that make Jamaica special include coral reefs, rainforests, turquoise seas, lush green mountains, golden beaches, and pristine rivers. These assets truly make Jamaica one of the desirable tourist destinations in the world.


Footprints with the flag of Jamaica unique markings
The nation flag of Jamaica merged with a hand showing the index finger pointing upwards -free pic
Image of the flag of Jamaica blended with a human eye
Hand print make of ink with flag of the Jamaica blended
Kingston	Capital city of Jamaica with the national flag and reflection, available free royalty free image.
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of Jamaica
Spectacular fireworks making the flag of Jamaica
Cannabis leaf on a orange and green gradient background with the flag of Jamaica overlaying
Cricket Ball with the flag of Jamaica aged effect
Soccer Ball with the flag of Jamaica aged effect

Nature lovers visit this nation because there are so many things to do, starting from birding and hiking in the forests to snorkeling or diving in the fringing reefs. Jamaica is quite famous for several historic plantations, where you can check out the great grand houses and sample tropical fruits. Jamaica is also home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean.

The main tourist hubs in the country include Negril, Port Antonio, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay. Negril is known for its lazy and long beach accommodating coconut palms and clear waters, Port Antonio for an outstanding view of the spectacular Blue Mountains, Ocho Rios is well-known for its cruise ships, and Montego Bay is considered to be one of the liveliest resort towns. Jamaica’s edgy capital, Kingston, is famous for the former home of Bob Marley, historic sites, and museums.

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