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Kyrgyz Republic, also referred as Kyrgyzstan, is gaining more and more popularity among international travelers because of its dreamlike atmosphere and landscapes. The Tien Shen Mountains are an absolute beauty, attracting several tourists every year. It is known to enhance the country’s mesmerizing terrain spread all across the country. Kyrgyz Republic is home to uncountable beautiful sceneries that cannot be found anywhere on earth. Other than this, Kyrgyzstan is known to boast its intriguing historical places that are known to mesmerize travelers.


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National Flag of Kyrgyzstan With a thumbs up
The national Flag of Kyrgyzstan on Black Background.
The national Flag of Kyrgyzstan on White Background.
The national Flag of Kyrgyzstan on Flag as Background
The national Flag of Kyrgyzstan on White Background.
National Flag of Kyrgyzstan Wave
National Flag of Kyrgyzstan Round
National Flag of Kyrgyzstan Rectangular
Hand with OK sign blended with the national flag of Kyrgyzstan
National Flag Kyrgyzstan on Brick Wall
Peace Symbol with National Flag of Kyrgyzstan
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For nature and wildlife lovers, the Sary Chelek Biosphere Reserve is absolutely specular. It is not touched by the rest of the world and known to contain 157 bird species, wild board, porcupines, long-horned mountain goats, deer, and 7 alpine lakes.

For history buffs, Tash Rabat is the place to visit. This attraction is a Silk Road caravanserai from the ancient times comprising of 31 domed rooms that provided shelter to travelers and merchants. The Ala Too Square is also quite a place to visit. It is not just looked up by tourists as a historical site, but also as a modern attraction. The place is surrounded with towering statues and beautiful parks. This makes the site the ultimate place for celebrating special events.

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