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Visiting Liberia may not be one of the easiest journeys. With a tough history, Liberia has multiple scars of power struggles, political revolutions, coups, and civil wars. The outbreak of Ebola was also one of the disasters that this nation had to face.


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The national Flag of Liberia on Flag as Background
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of Liberia
Liberia flag painted onto human hands with flag backdrop
Liberia flag painted onto human hands with flag backdrop
National Flag of Liberia With a thumbs up
National Flag of Liberia wave
National Flag Liberia on Brick Wall
Peace Symbol with National Flag of Liberia
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But ignoring all the negatives, the nation’s natural beauty is utterly undeniable. Monrovia is one of the places known for being sophisticated, smooth, frenetic, and hectic all at the same time, being Liberia’s largest city. People who would love to experience the history of this nation should visit the National museum. It rightly portrays Liberia’s political trails, civil wars, coups and counter coups.

The Sapo National Park is the ultimate place known to accommodate the highest mammal biodiversity as compared to any other nation in the world. You will get to see white-crested Diana monkeys, chimpanzees, speckle-throated otters, leopards, and crocodiles in this massive national park. Robertsport is the best surfing spots of the country. People who like to surf on long-haired waves fall in love with this place. Several surf schools are also coming up to teach beginners the art and skill of surfing. Hiking on the coastal stretches is also one experiencesto gather here.

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