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Free Images of Libya | Public Domain Photography

Libya is situated in the northern part of Africa, surrounded by Niger, Chad, Sudan, and Egypt. The country is known to cover about 700,000 square miles, making it the 17th largest nation all over the globe. Most of the country’s area is desert with the most common desert-like climate throughout the year. However, people living in the northern regions get to experience a Mediterranean climate.


Rugby Ball with the flag of Libya aged effect
Spectacular fireworks making the flag of Libya
Image of Soccer ball in the National colors of Libya
Graphic design of Libya flag painted onto human hands with flag backdrop
Libya flag painted onto human hands with flag backdrop
The nation of Libya Black Background
The national Flag of Libya on White Background.
No attribution image of Libya flag with four fingers and a hand
Flag of Libya printed onto a male T shirt with graffiti in the background
BaseBall with the flag of Libya aged effect

Other than Arabic being the official language in Libya, the country also shares an Arab-like culture. As law and order was in turmoil, tourism has been significantly affected. But, this does not discount the beauty this country possesses. If you are the adventurous type, you would love visiting some of the outstanding places this country has to offer.

Tadrart Acacus, also referred as Acacus Mountains, is a mountain range in Libya. People get to witness several rock craft and hole compositions here. It is also one among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are looking for Greek urban communities, you will absolutely love Cyrene. This archaeological site is known for accommodating several remarkable structures including differentiate sanctuaries for Zeus, Demeter, and Apollo. This place is one of the popular vacation spots in Libya.

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