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Free Images of Liechtenstein | Public Domain Photography

Liechtenstein is one of the jaw-dropping alpine nations in Europe. It is a nation surrounded by Austria and Switzerland. Though the country has a population of just 35,000 citizens and an area of 160 square kilometres, the country is considered to be an economic powerhouse because of its favourable tax laws. It is also known to be the most industrialized country in the world, though it may not seem that way from its alpine meadows and forest-covered hillsides. The lovely mountain setting, winter activities, outstanding hiking trails, and impressive castles and museums make its one of the popular tourist destinations in Europe.


Liechtenstein flag with a reflection and a drop shadow.
Spectacular fireworks making the flag of Liechtenstein
National Flag of Liechtenstein Rectangular
Cricket Ball with the flag of Liechtenstein aged effect
Image of Soccer ball in the National colors of Liechtenstein
Cracked Flag of Liechtenstein blended with bark of tree
Mystical smoke with the flag of Liechtenstein projected onto the waving smoke
Terrifyingly scary clown horror face with the flag of Liechtenstein painted on
A jigsaw puzzle with the Liechtenstein flag on a wooden textured backdrop
Image of flag of Liechtenstein blended with the human eyes.

To witness one of the most elegant capitals of Europe, you must visit Vaduz. You will get to see the Liechtenstein Center, one of the tourist information centers where travellers find everything they need for travel. People find it easy to explore the main attractions of the city from here. The Cathedral of St. Florin, Vaduz Castle and parliament building are some attractions that you absolutely cannot miss. You can check out some extraordinary examples of contemporary and modern artwork at the State Art Gallery of Liechtenstein. You will get to see pieces and sculptures dating back to the 19th century.

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