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Moldova is one of the least visited countries in Europe. This may be because of its poor tourism promotion and strategy. But, this does not discount the richness of tradition and culture of Moldova. Every place is unique and beautiful in its own way.


Global recycling symbol and a natural background and the flag of Moldova
Biohazard sign merged with the flag of Moldova apocalyptic warning
Footprints with the flag of Moldova unique markings
A jigsaw puzzle with the Moldova flag on a wooden textured backdrop
Free stock photo of a red rubber stamp Moldova on a white background.
No attribution image of Moldova flag with three fingers and a hand
National Flag of Moldova Wave
FC Zaria Bălți on a old school LED green LCD display with a digital display
FC Petrocub Hîncești on a old school LED green LCD display with a digital display
No attribution image of Moldova  flag with four fingers and a hand

For avid travellers, Moldova is an unexplored land waiting to come in the limelight. Soroca is an incredible place, also referred as a fortified city. This medieval town has strong and magnificent walls which helped a lot during invasions from the Slavs, Ottomans, Cossacks, Polyaks, and Tartars. It is also home to the largest Gypsys community in the nation.

To dig deeper in the history of Moldova, you will have to visit the town of Orhei which was established during the 15th and 16th century. Excavations revealed that the town comprised of a bath, two mausoleums, and a mosque. A 17th century Orthodox Church still stands on the land of Orhei with breathtaking vineyards. You will also get to witness several picturesque Moldovan villages while passing by the road nears this town.  

You can also pay a visit to the Saharna Monastery. This beautiful destination offers several waterfalls on the way which can be a treat during the summer season.

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