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Samoa has so many things to offer tourists in the form of iridescent pools and waterfalls. You will find hundreds of them scattered in different parts of the country. The wet season starts from November and goes on till April, which is the time when the waters are clear and strong. You will enjoy diving in the pools during this time of the year. Samoa is absolutely the perfect place for rejoicing the sun soaked fales and cooling waters.

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3D map of Samoa on white backdrop
Biohazard sign merged with the flag of Samoa apocalyptic warning
Splatter of paint with the flag of Samoa
Global recycling symbol and a natural background and the flag of Samoa
Cannabis leaf on a smoke background with the flag of Samoa overlaying
Cannabis leaf on a blue and yellow gradient background with the flag of Samoa overlaying
Terrifyingly scary clown horror face with the flag of Samoa painted on
Phoenix mythical creature  with the Flag of Samoa rising from the ashes
Soccer Ball with the flag of Samoa aged effect
Cricket Ball with the flag of Samoa aged effect
Cracked Flag of Samoa blended with bark of tree
Rugby Ball with the flag of Samoa aged effect
Tennis Ball with the flag of Samoa aged effect
Mystical smoke with the flag of Samoa projected onto the waving smoke
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of Samoa
BaseBall with the flag of Samoa aged effect
Scary looking human skull with the flag of Samoa tattoo to the bone
Spectacular fireworks making the flag of Samoa
Flag of Samoa printed onto a male T shirt with graffiti in the background
Waving cloth of flag of Samoa with silk texture
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People love to relax and swim in the Togitogiga Waterfall. It used to be the Samoan Warriors’ swimming hole long ago. During the wet season, the water becomes clam and clear. It is a great spot for tourists to experience a relaxing shoulder massage. For nature lovers, the Fuipisia falls are an absolute beauty. Through the jungle, you will have to go on a hike to explore these falls along with several species of native birds.

The Papase’ea Sliding Rocks are one of the fascinating attractions you can find in Samoa. You will get to witness natural slides that have been formed by gentle waterfalls here. It is one of the most beautiful sights that you cannot miss while visiting this country.

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