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Sweden is considered to be a country filled with varied landscapes and rich history. With so much to offer, the country is definitely a traveller’s paradise. For people who are fond of outdoors, it is the ultimate country to visit. The water and air is extremely clean. You will also get to witness majestic lakes and unspoiled forests everywhere in the nation. You cannot miss out the archipelagos situated near the coasts as well. The public transport and roads are well-built for smooth travel. The people in this nation are surprisingly helpful and friendly to foreigners.

Cricket Ball with the flag of Sweden aged effect
Free stock photo of a red rubber stamp Sweden on a white background.
Hand with OK sign blended with the national flag of Sweden
Neon sign with the colours yellow and blue representing the flag of Sweden
Sweden flag painted onto human hands with flag backdrop
Hammarby Fotboll on a old school LED green LCD display with a digital display
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of Sweden
IK Sirius Fotboll on a old school LED green LCD display with a digital display
A tilted perspective of a jigsaw puzzle with the Sweden flag on a wooden textured backdrop
Östersunds FK on a old school LED green LCD display with a digital display

In the recent past, the country has undergone a revolution. The mind-boggling history of this nation that includes the Viking invaders, imperial intrigue, and Royal dynasties are worth a listen. Being in this unbelievable nation will never get you bored. Among tourist attractions, you will find several things. The ancient towns, opulent palaces, famed Ice Hotel, and the vast Arctic landscapes are something you can discover during your time. The country will surprise you with historic treasures and outdoor adventures.

The Vasa Museum is one of the attractions that you absolutely cannot miss. Millions of visitors come every year to witness its grandiosity. The same goes for the old town of Stockholm called Gamla Stan.

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