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Togo is an enchanting country in the world where Koutammakou resides, one of the famous UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is located in the far north of the continent, but truly provides a lifetime of an experience to people. The views you get to see here is nothing like in any other country of Africa. If you come closer to Lome, you will get to see the tallest peak of the nation. The majestic views of the landscape are absolutely breath-taking from the summit.


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A large zeppelin airship coloured with the flag of Togo with two hot air balloons flanking
Scary zombie face with makeup of the Togo flag
President Faure Gnassingbe Head of the nation of Togo wrote in clouds
3D map of Togo on white backdrop
Biohazard sign merged with the flag of Togo apocalyptic warning
Splatter of paint with the flag of Togo
Global recycling symbol and a natural background and the flag of Togo
Cannabis leaf on a smoke background with the flag of Togo overlaying
Cannabis leaf on a yelllow and orange gradient background with the flag of Togo overlaying
Terrifyingly scary clown horror face with the flag of Togo painted on
Phoenix mythical creature  with the Flag of Togo rising from the ashes
Soccer Ball with the flag of Togo aged effect
Cricket Ball with the flag of Togo aged effect
Cracked Flag of Togo blended with bark of tree
Rugby Ball with the flag of Togo aged effect
Tennis Ball with the flag of Togo aged effect
Mystical smoke with the flag of Togo projected onto the waving smoke
Non watermarked image of fingerprint with the flag of Togo
BaseBall with the flag of Togo aged effect
Scary looking human skull with the flag of Togo tattoo to the bone
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If you are looking for the most serene and tranquil place in Togo, you must pay a visit to Kpalime. It is quite lose to Lome, best for a drive. You will be greeted by colourful butterflies all around the lush green tropical rainforests. Cocoa plantations are quite common here as well. Mount Agou is the highest peak here to provide a magnificent view of the Lake Volta. You will also get to see a Roman Catholic Church on top that was originally built in the year 1913.

The Tamberna Valley is also worth a visit during your stay in this country. You will find Koutammakou in this valley, the UNESCO World Heritage site that earlier used to be home for the natives.

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