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Close-up of a bronze Buddha statue
Power of Higashi Honganji
Perspective of Power Eastern Temple
Eastern Temple Gate
Close up Higashi Honganji gate
Perspective of outer walls
The temple’s outer walls
Higashi Honganji Temple grounds viewed from the Amida Hall
Main hall of Higashi Honganji
Main gate Eastern Temple
Shinshu Honbyo
Higashi Honganji, Eastern Temple
A statue of Buddha
Kyoto Tower background
Obelisk stone Kyoto
Full view of a Nishi Hongan Ji
Nishi Hongan ji temple
Roof of Eastern Temple
Roof and wall Higashi Honganji
Cloudy golden power roof
A view of pebbles in Zen garden
Kofuku-ji is a Buddhist temple
Kofukuji's pagoda is both a landmark and symbol of Nara Japan
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