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A statue of Buddha
Waving of a Buddhist temple flag
Small temple in Kyoto
Statue of a praying monk in Kyoto
The city gate of Kyoto
The street view near to the temple
Waving white Buddhist flag
The architecture design of the education building
A colorful Buddhist flag
Omikuji Shinto shrine; a Buddhist temple
A Buddhist temple; Saimyo-ji temple
Rooftop Kyoto Temple with the sakura beauty
An old pagoda or stupa
Close-up of a bronze Buddha statue
The rooftop view of temple
A Buddhist statue
Saimyo-ji temple
A small gate with the pair of sakura trees
An old Buddhist statue
Full view of Kyoto Buddist Temple
Close-up of waving flag
Flags waving in the city street
Kofuku-ji is a Buddhist temple
Architecture style of Kofukuji Temple
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