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Nara station in Japan
Animal symbol of the city of Nara
The deers eating grass around Nara park, Japan
Nanen-Do Hall
Young sika deer in Nara park, Japan
Japan deer resting
Pond at the Nara Park
Cherry blossom in Nara park
Close-up of a deer in a stall
Thatched roof pergola, Japan
Kohfukuji Temple Map
Lake scenery in daytime
Deer relaxing in the park
Boy feeding deer
Giving food to feed a deer
Romantic Japanese couple
The view of Five Story Pagoda
Kofuku-ji Temple
Two head temples of the Hosso: Kofuku-ji
Kofukuji Temple: The Tale of Genji
Architecture style of Kofukuji Temple
A man paddling the row boat
Empty rowboats docked
Brown hotel building
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